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LISTEN: Ariana Grande & Cashmere Cat Release New Track, "Quit"

For the third time in just a few years, Ariana Grande has teamed up with Cashmere Cat for a new song. The song, "Quit," was released today (April 28) on Cashmere Cat's first studio album, 9 . The song seems to tell the story of a lover that Grande can't resist. Grande's sweet vocals repeat, "Yeah,... Read More

Reports: Roseanne Revival (With Original Cast) Is in the Works

It's another '90's comeback! Deadline is reporting that an eight-episode revival of Roseanne is officially in the works. The show's stars are all expected reprise their roles, according to the report published on Friday. Yes, Roseanne Barr , John Goodman , Sara Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf are all... Read More


It's National Blueberry Pancake Day! Why with all the news of the world would I center on Blueberry Pancakes? ... Well, they make me smile, and depending on what they look like (like the photo above) they make my mouth water in a good way. I like the way they smell and taste when they are filling... Read More

Who is your Superhero?

Today is # NationalSuperheroDay! I like to think we all have Super Powers at some points in our lives that help us get through the tough times, and help others do the same. Think of a time where you can't imagine the strength you have until you are in that situation. I also like to think there are... Read More

See the beer commercial(!) that's bringing everyone together

It seems like everyone is fighting these days. Everyone has their own beliefs...and no one is willing to hear someone else's point of view. Well here's a weird segue...have you seen the new Heineken commercial? It's being described as the "anti-Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad" and it's making a lot of... Read More

LOOK: Beyonce Ordered Food From a Menu and Twitter Exploded

Beyoncé just set the internet on fire for doing something that you have probably already done a couple of times this year. Queen Bey posted a series of photos to Instagram last night from a dinner that she was attending. One of the photos used in that set seemed to show Beyoncé ordering from a menu... Read More