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It's National Blueberry Pancake Day! Why with all the news of the world would I center on Blueberry Pancakes? ... Well, they make me smile, and depending on what they look like (like the photo above) they make my mouth water in a good way. I like the way they smell and taste when they are filling... Read More

Who is your Superhero?

Today is # NationalSuperheroDay! I like to think we all have Super Powers at some points in our lives that help us get through the tough times, and help others do the same. Think of a time where you can't imagine the strength you have until you are in that situation. I also like to think there are... Read More

Dip it in Chocolate Sauce!

Ever dipped your French Dip/ Prime Rib/ Steak meats / sanwiches in Chocolate sauce? I like to joke that Chocolate can go w/ just about everything, and it really can when it comes to meats. You might not want to dip it in a Chocolate or Hot Fudge sauce straight out, although it wouldn't taste bad... Read More

Super Cool Surprise!

This made my night last night! When I got home later from work, walked out on the patio & found this surprise from honey Ted. He's a keeper!!! I found out Ted hung these lights w/ some 10 foot cord rope he found at Walmart for 63 cents. Got some inexpensive hooks to hang them off the ceiling... Read More

Conservation International Month

Entercom Radio / all markets showcase a different organization each month for #1Thing. May is the month of Conservation International . Entercom Radio’s gift, in honor of their employees for Earth Day 2017 , was 150 acres of the Rainforest being taken care of. Here’s more about them, which could be... Read More

Mitzi & ME

Mitzi was the family furbaby until she passed away when I was in 3rd grade. From what my Mama Betty told me, Mitzi was always by my side when I was a baby/ toddler. She would put up w/ my playing, since I was the only child. I would cook in my play kitchen for her, and she stayed in a high chair... Read More

It's Get Your Pretzel on Day!

Today is the celebration of one of my most favorite things to eat.. PRETZELS! I enjoy them all, but my most favorites are the BIG SOFT PRETZELS! They are extra yummy when you dip them in stuff like mustard, cheese, peanut butter... Great snack by themselves.. also a Great Meal. One of my favs is... Read More

Furbaby Love is Waiting for You!

Chica and her friends Simba, Hope and the furbabies at the Austin Humane Society are ready to have Springtime / Summer Fun w/ you. They have lots of Love to give and Love a bunch of Love back. #SpreadtheWord #AustinLove Senior Spotlight Chica 12-year-old Chihuahua (photo above) Have you ever seen a... Read More

Does your furbaby ever do this?

Huey (15) does this w/ random things. Right now he's into the couch. If he's not licking himself, he goes for random objects. The more you tell him 'NO!', the more he'll do it. Or give you the attitude smirk like.. ' Make Me'! Classic example of why furbabies are SO CUTE. You can't get too mad at... Read More

Rockin the 'Sunrise''

My niece Kaiti has had red hair of various shades for a couple/ few years, but recently she decided to switch it up w/ the 'Sunrise Hair'. She's Rockin' it. If I had hair like hers, or her uncle honey Ted, I'd do this too! Love it! Nice look for her graduation day from Creighton University on May... Read More