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Chris Cornell's last Performance R.I.P. Update 5/19/17

Update 5:47pm (5/19) : - Imagine Dragons will honor Chris Cornell during the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. Click here - Ann Wilson / Heart honors Chris Cornell on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show . Click here - Reports out of the Police report details of Chris Cornell's final hours Click here - Chris... Read More

Could a Hot Dog & Hamburger be called this?

honey Ted & I were watching the Tonight Show last night. A new game 'Blow You Mind' was introduced. A question asked during the game got us talking about it. Could a hot dog and a hamburger be considered a sandwich? I added the hamburger, because honey Ted said a hamburger could be considered... Read More

It Would be WRONG not to CELEBRATE this today!

TGIF! Happy #DevilsFoodCakeDay . It's Friday, and a chocolate cake kind of day to celebrate. Go for it! Devil's Food Cake in ATX! A few suggestions I ran across... Paul Martin's Austin Grill Fresas Chicken Donut Crown Shipley's Donuts Devils Food Devil's Food Cake Baking /Making.. Triple Chocolate... Read More

Biggest Movie The Year You Were Born

I thought this was pretty cool. This covers the birth years of ages 10 -100. Just click the link below and scroll down to your birth year. The BIggest Movie & Best Picture for my birth year, which you'll be able to figure out my actual age.. SSSSHHH!!!... were these... BIGGEST movie was Love... Read More

Stop Wasting Food...Pretty Please!

Every year the United States wastes about 40% of food. When researchers broke it down into statistics,the nutritional content of the food. They found the amount of nutrition of wasted food would be enough to sustain 84% of our population. This is sad and scary since we have so many who are hungry,... Read More

Does this bother you?

Yes, I did a video in the bathroom, so already bothersome huh... :) I wanted to share a common happening in one of the work bathrooms. Does this bother you? Read More

ATX getting Foodie Love with Coca Cola

ATX is known for it's Music/ Keeping it Weird.... Now ATX is also getting FOODIE LOVE for it's Pizza & Burgers & more.. A series of Coca Cola commericals are out which show some Love for ATX restaurants like Home Slice Pizza & Broken Spoke's Burger. .. more Watch out for them.... Do you... Read More

Harry's New Gig???

Harry Styles visited the 'Late Late Show with James Corden' and took over... Could you see Harry doing his own Late Night Show? More story here. ,, It's Harry's World right now. He bumped Ed Sheeran from the #1 spot in the charts w/ his single 'Sign of the Times'. Also, Harry recently became the... Read More

Heads up Sushi Eaters!!!

If you're a Raw Fish Eating Sushi Lover , keep this in mind. There is been in increase in the number of Sushi Eater s getting sick from a disease that is called 'Anisakiasis'. The CDC says it's a parasite disease that's caused by worms that attach to the wall of your esophagus, stomach and / or... Read More

Pip and her Buddies are Ready to Go!

Looking for some unconditional Loving? Get greeted each day coming home from work w/ a tail wag. Go on walks w/ your Best Bud. Then you should go visit a whole bunch of cuties waiting to show you Love & get some Loving back. Pip, Jackson, Chica & their friends at the Austin Humane Society... Read More